Thursday, March 17, 2016

Experience Composing WP #2

When creating the synthesis paper for writing project #2, I initially struggled to think of an idea that would have extensive research behind it.  I began writing about the global water crisis and how the world can improve its water quality and what average citizens can do to help developing countries.  When looking at my design plan versus my final draft, I stuck to the topics I initially wanted to discuss and kept in mind the audience and my tone which was to inform.  It was nice to incorporate a photograph in my essay rather than another article source, and expanding the readers thoughts besides  what they see in front of them.  There was deeper meaning in the photo and helped with the synthesis process and developing more ideas.  I feel that in other areas of the paper, I still struggled with the synthesis but it has improved since the last paper.  The power point slide in Dr. Wielgos' presentation that described how to embed a source and introduce the author as well as summarize the article helped tremendously.  With a large research paper coming up in the near future I will keep that slide in mind when using up to 8 different sources.  In terms of APA formatting, I learned how to use quotes from authors, type an abstract, and the formatting behind it.  Even though, APA is not the ideal way to type a paper and may not make sense, who knows, maybe some day I will switch over to science as a major.  Overall, I improved as a writer through this paper, whether it was learning to use active voice versus passive or learning a new format.  I also learned more about synthesizing information as well as making the paper "my own" and controlling the flow.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Revision Process WP #2

After receiving the grade on my last paper and beginning to realize what I need to change it has helped my writing process.  Reading my classmate's papers has also helped in learning to use active voice versus passive.  Using active voice will help me come up with more original sentences and will only expand my writing scope.  I now know that when I use passive voice the sentence structure is more general and I repeat ideas over and over again.  I may have to take this paper to the writing center and ask to help with changing the passive voice.