Thursday, April 28, 2016

What I Think of Music

I am a fan of country, rap, hip-hop, alternative, and any kind of dance music (aka techno).  I listen to music when I workout, when I do homework, when I'm driving in the car, or when I'm hanging out with my friends.  I've found that music is one of my major interests, and I find myself looking for new songs to enjoy on a frequent basis.  I turn to music when I am having a rough day and 9/10 times it will lift my mood and make me feel better.  Personally, I like to dance and have fun and act like a fool when I am around my friends and music only amplifies that aspect of my personality.  I make sure to keep an open mind to new artists and music that I may not typically listen to.  Many artists incorporate lyrics that make you think and the song becomes more than something you play at a party.  I have also noticed that during different times of the year I like to listen to different types of music.  When winter comes around, I am more into rap and hip-hop and the minute the weather becomes warms again I immediately switch over to country.  Year round, I enjoy listening to techno.

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