Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Experience Composing WP #1

For this writing project, I chose to write about respect and what it meant to me and what it should mean to everyone else.  I struggled with this paper because it was the first one I wrote for Dr. Wielgos and my major point I needed to fix was my passive voice.  He actually used my paper in front of the class as to what NOT TO DO when writing the next essay.  We had to go through each one of my passive voice sentences and try to identify the subject and verb and then fix it so that it was in active voice.  Though this was somewhat embarrassing, it made me realize that I needed to do better writing in active voice for the next paper, and I knew Dr. Wielgos only wanted to help me become a better writer.  When writing in active voice, I had a larger variety of ideas and was able to write more complex sentences and express myself in a more intellectual sense.  After writing this project, I knew more of what the standards were for the papers to come and had to correct my previous mistakes.

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