Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Experience Composing WP #3

This was probably my favorite writing project of the semester because it gave me the opportunity to pick a topic not many of my class mates knew about and become an expert on it.  Through research and many sources from the internet as well as academic journals, I found out all about the topic of sweatshops.  I understood the instructions to this paper better than any other, after much trial and error, and realized I had to synthesize two or more sources per paragraph and then relate the information.  I made sure to introduce all of the authors and qualify them appropriately as well as cite their information correctly.  With this paper, we also did an annotated bibliography which was a nice refresher because I haven't completed one since high school.  It was a tedious process, but it is something I may need to do in the future (as far as the annotated bib go) and there will definitely be more research papers to come.  One of the cool things that went hand-in-hand with this project was writing project #4 or the celebration of scholarship presentation to the class.  It was enjoyable to learn about other's presentations and was curious to what others chose for their topic of research.

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